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Video Conversion

Our audio quality is always world class, no exceptions.

Video Conversion

We can take your VHS tapes and transfer them onto DVD discs so you can watch them again and again. From £7.99 per tape.

Video tape has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, after this time period the video will degrade & could be lost forever. Degrading can happen even quicker under poor storage conditions. At best all recordings made as late as 2001 are at risk.  If you have a prized collection of VHS Tapes or just some taking up space, they can be compacted down to several DVD disks.  The Zana Audio VHS to DVD Service provides your tapes as ready-to-go DVD disks or we can convert your VHS to a digital video file that you can view, store and even edit on your Windows PC, Apple Mac or Linux desktop to create your own Disks.

We have the experience and an understanding of how precious your tapes are, and we believe we offer the ultimate value for money in the DVD transfer market.

We use only top quality media, and we complete VHS to DVD transfers that give the best possible reproduction from your tapes but with out any unnecessary gimmicks that add to the pricing. We have large production capabilities which allow us to work to tight deadlines if you should need them.

The Conversion Process

The process of converting your precious memories starts with your footage being played on a top of the range professional deck which is then fed to a video correction unit. This box of tricks both stabilises the footage and can correct the colour. Although it cannot work miracles, it will not lose the generation in quality that can happen when converting from analogue tape.

The next stage is to change the footage from an analogue signal to digital using an analogue to digital converter.

The footage is then captured, real time, onto our hard drives using industry standard editing software, we then top and tail your footage (add one to two seconds of black video beginning and end, then fade from this to and from your footage). We cut any white noise at the start and end of your footage as standard and can offer the addition of titles and/or cut/edit your footage.

Your footage is then ready to be converted to a format that can be accepted by the DVD software.

The final process is to then transcode your footage for DVD which takes real time and a half (i.e. if your footage is 60mins long it will take about 90mins to transcode).  It is then burnt to the disk in a format that enables a DVD player to recognise your footage and play it. Your DVD is then printed with your title and packaged.

We can also offer the addition of a menu and chapter points throughout so that you can easily navigate through your finished DVD.

Video Tape Conversion Service

All VHS video tapes repaired and returned with a second copy on DVD for just £15 inc P&P, we also guarantee to get some or all of your footage back or your money back.

Add Streaming Video to your Website

Prices start at £20 to convert an existing video and add it to your website.   Where the video needs to be captured from a VHS, DVD or some other source then our standard video capture rates of £7.00 per hour of video apply.  Please email for more details to admin@zana.solutions.

How to Place An Order

Simply send us an email to admin@zana.solutions or give us a call on +44 (0)23 9298 2238. We can advise you on the best and safest way to get your video tapes to us and we can talk you through the prices. Once your video tapes arrive we will be in touch with an order reference number and an estimated timescale for your order.  If you have any questions please send an email to: admin@zana.solutions.

If you have any queries regarding the packaging or getting your video tapes to us please contact us and we can advise you on the safe and secure way to transport your vinyl/tapes to us.