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Music Sourcing

Our audio quality is always world class, no exceptions.

Music Sourcing

We’ve spent our whole lives listening, writing, playing, remixing, compiling, promoting, selling and buying music. Our Sourcing business is about using our experience to help other businesses use music in the most beneficial way possible.  This Zana Audio Consultancy Service works across a number of music genre, providing the right match for your musical needs.  We are now able to offer a more complete music consultancy service than ever before.   This service will ensure that you get the perfect music solutions for your creative project.


Zana AUDIO Sourcing & Research service is designed to help you find that perfect track(s) quickly and easily.

If you need help to find a track, help with track suggestions, or want a second opinion, Zana Audio are on hand to help. Just let us know the schedule you are working to and we will do our best to deliver our suggestions within your time frame.  We are also able to suggest replacements where required.  We provide this service to Televison, Theatre, Film,  Production Companies and Advertising Agencies, supplying a wide variety of music to supply all needs.   Our Conversion and Remastering/Restoration services are often used in conjunction with this service.

This service is about using our experience to help other businesses use music in the most beneficial way possible.  As we work across a number of music disciplines, we are able to provide the right match for your musical needs.  We never push any particular artists or catalogue, as we are completely customer focused, to meet your individual needs.  We believe that our experience can save you time and money, and we always deliver amazing music.

Our music sourcing services also incorporate clearing all rights to ensure timely and on budget delivery of watertight licenses.

Vintage Music

With our huge catalogue of music from from 1897-2017, we have an unbeatable resource for supplying historically authentic music for film, documentary, theatre, radio, advertising and corporate clients.  Whether it’s to provide a period track for a drama, or a specific track for a TV commercial or a documentary, chances are we’ve either got it or can source it.  Our catalogue includes the complete UK Top 40 since 1952, the majority of the Billboard  Hot 100 since 1950, and substantial amounts of non-chart Pop, Jazz, Country, Classical and Traditional Music.

Music Branding

What does your brand sound like? The importance of music in branded environments is often underestimated. Major emphasis is often placed on look, but how you sound plays a critical part in appealing to today’s brand and lifestyle conscious customers.  When music is carefully considered, and well executed, it can create the right atmosphere, enhance mood, extend dwell times, increase sales, and encourage repeat business.

Our music consultancy service is set-up to service luxury brands, hotels, F&B outlets, and high-end retailers around the globe. We create truly bespoke branded playlists for our clients’ properties or retail spaces that are designed to reflect their brand personality and ethos in an inspiring way.

We will create the perfect atmosphere and give you a sound that will delight, surprise and engage your customers and staff. By sounding inspiring your brand will be making an emotional connection with your audience, ensuring you always leave a lasting impression.

Classical Music

If you can’t find the ‘Classical Music’ what you need, or just simply haven’t got the time, then this service may be the one for you!  Zana Audio works closely with our clients to seek out that perfect work.  We will discuss the various options available for the most suited music to sync in your project. Our team can create a handpicked playlist placed into your account with our suggestions, to give you more variety and choice when making a decision. We will not be happy until you have the work that perfectly fits your needs!

Not only will we find the most suited music for you, but we can deal with any licensing quiries and ensure that all is covered for you to utilise our music with out the legal complications and hassle of wondering what option would be best.

It costs nothing to enquire about how we can assist with your musical requirements and sourcing one or two tracks is free most of the time. However we do charge depending on the amount of work involved in more extensive projects that require more research and time. The price start’s at around £50 per day (plus VAT).

Traditional Music

We are a premier source for Traditional Music worldwide. Songs and tunes which have been performed, by custom, over a long period (usually several generations). They are most often folk songs, country dance or similar types of folk music but they can also be pieces from known early composers and may have been the “pop music ” of their time. Traditional music (or public domain) is also used as a copyright status covering music which is out of copyright. In Europe (EEC) music copyright does not expire till 70 years after the death of the composer.”  Music passed mostly unchanged between generations of informal players, usually without notation, and played mostly by ear.


For the cost and further details of this service please call us on +44 (0)23 9298 2238, or email at admin@zana.solutions, or by using the online Contact Form.